The Shuki Levy Children’s Foundation is committed to providing a brighter future for children around the world.  In keeping with the vision of its founder, Shuki Levy, the foundation supports a network of creative entertainment projects aimed at helping children understand the importance of positive thinking.  In an increasingly turbulent world, children are often left without the ability to successfully navigate through the negativity around them.  It is the foundation’s belief that a child can best learn the tools to thrive in life through lessons of spirituality and social responsibility.  By developing heartfelt stories focused on positive ideals, the foundation strives to inspire children from a range of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Using film, music, literature, and other forms of entertainment as a unifying force for good, the Shuki Levy Children’s Foundation aims to set a new generation on the path to global peace. 

Why the Foundation Produced “Aussie and Ted”

The Shuki Levy Children’s Foundation is producing Aussie and Ted to help children understand what it means to love unconditionally.  The film’s star, a lovable mutt named Aussie, is an example for any child dealing with a crisis of conscience.  Aussie finds happiness only when he is able to set aside his own selfish desires to help the girl he loves.  The film contains important lessons about taking responsibility for your actions and loving others as you love yourself.  By donating DVD’s of Aussie and Ted to schools, libraries, and children’s charities, The Shuki Levy Children’s Foundation hopes to spread the message of Aussie and Ted to families everywhere, regardless of background, ethnicity, or religion.  Aussie and Ted is the first of many artistic ventures in development with the foundation… projects that educate, motivate, and inspire children to act from their hearts.

Mission Statement